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I currently live with my wife, dog and cat just outside Denver, CO. The view is gorgeous! I spend most of my time writing code, sometimes 10 or 12 hours a day. I absolutely love coding, and even "work time" usually feels like "fun time". When I am not coding, I am usually playing video g...

    • Faith

    • Family

    • Coding

    • Video Games

    • Storytelling

    • Reading

    • Anime (Watching)

    • Hiking / Caving

While I was in the military, my wife and I played a game called Second Life™. I enjoyed the gameplay somewhat, but what I most enjoyed was working with the built-in scripting language, LSL. I often had free time away from computer access, so I would fill up that time hand-writing LSL code ...

    • GraphQL

    • Apollo

    • Kubernetes

    • TensorFlow

    • Brainf**k

    • MongoDB

Frontend: TypeScript JavaScript Next.js React Redux HTML5 CSS3 Sass/SCSS Backend: Ruby on Rails Ruby Python Databases: SQL PostgreSQL Other APIs & Frameworks: Flask Django SQLAlchemy GreenSock Animation Platform (GSAP) Bootstrap Amazon Web Services (AWS): AWS Amplify Amazon Simple Email Service (SES) Certificate Manager ...

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