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-ism WTF

Tue Jun 22 2021

I apologize for not posting in a long time. Life has been rather overwhelming lately, but everything is moving forward smoothly once more.

I also apologize for the deviation in this post from my normal.

I wanted to address the various "-isms" that seem to run rampant in the world today: sexism, classism, racism, any fill-in-the-blank form of denegration, segregation and malice. In my opinion, they all come down to one thing, what I call the 'Us vs Them' mentality,


"They are Them and We are Us; Us is better than Them and will always be better, therefore Them do not have the same rights to respect, love, opportunities, or a generally good life as Us do, because Us will always reign Supreme."

In any situation, if one feels that they must justify their own existence and/or beliefs exclusively in contrast to another's, there is something fundamentally wrong with their viewpoint.

I am Me.
I have my own Beliefs, and my Existence within those Beliefs does not depend on You.
You have different Beliefs and a separate Existence.
There are things We disagree on.
There are things We agree on.
There are things I can learn from You.
There are things You can learn from Me.
Together, We can achieve far greater things than either of Us can alone.
Apart, one may rise, one may fall, both may rise, or both may fall. But the effect will never be as great as if both rise Together.

BTW all capitalization is for emphasis, in case it looks weird.